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Client: Lendlease
Project type: Notebook Illustration + Mural

Bringing Malaysia into the future is a delicate process and the TRX Residences have succeeded in incorporating the old with the new and therefore preserving traditional and cultural heritage in the vicinity.

In my design I’ve attempted to describe this progression into the future whilst maintaining an affection for the past and creating that harmonious balance. This is achieved through the juxtaposition of old and new buildings (including a delicate silhouette of TRX Residences), the distinctive chairs (from chairs used in mamak stalls to the modern ones as shown in the TRX brochure), drinks as well as patterns coexisting in both traditional and contemporary urban space. I’ve also included the MRT train in my work. This represents the sole MRT interchange station accessible at TRX Residences allowing for public ease in transportation.

It was also necessary for me to include natural components to my illustration as KL is not purely a built landscape, but a natural one also, which is in accord with the inclusion of green space and a park in the TRX Residences construction. Lastly, to further tie the design up with images uniquely synonymous to Malaysia, I’ve included images such as chilli, durian, a food stall, roti tag and places such as Pasar Seni (Wau), Dataran Merdeka, KL Tower, Twin Towers and Medan Pasar.