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Client: Porsche
Project type: Campaign

For Porsche’s ‘No Small Dreams’ campaign, I hoped to create a mix of otherworldly scenes that seek to bring the viewer to a striking and somewhat unusual place while maintaining a perception that is pleasantly steeped in tradition. Linking the artwork components to the individual models, new and old, as well as ultimately the classic Porsche brand, I aimed to tread the fine line between dreamworld and recognizable reality in a youthful and vibrant context.

Featured in Marvin Issue 4, as the back cover and an exclusive double sided poster, available for purchase here.

Porsche 911

I wanted to allude to both the centrality of style and good design underpinning the Porsche brand, as well as their ongoing collaborative efforts with creatives. Tying this to the No Small Dreams initiative, I hoped this work would itself show the limitlessness of what can be imagined and implemented in terms of design, fashion and illustration.

The piece shows imagery of the 911 model which have been applied throughout, as well as my personal favourite - the protruding rounded front end headlamps (positioned as the hummingbird eyes), that create the truly iconic Porsche silhouette. The psychedelic racetrack scene shows the current 911 (Porsche 911 Carrera) moving rightwards, pushing boundaries and bringing the classic design into the modern era as it surges forwards. The cars moving leftwards on racetrack are modelled on the classic 911 (G-Series), an instantly recognisable form that has elements which have defined Porsche design for decades. A further link to the classic, is the use of horses – something central to the Porsche logo which pays homage to Stuttgart, a city which has the horse on its coat of arms. The term ‘Taycan’ is also a blend of two words of  Turkic origin that, roughly translated, mean “soul of a spirited young horse,” a fitting description.

Porsche Macan

“Macan” is derived from the Javanese word for tiger, a fitting name to emphasise the core characteristics of this off-road car - “suppleness, power, fascination, and dynamics.” The model has been positioned in several ways to highlight range, movement, and perspective in a layered energetic scene, with the Macan of course being the hero.
Porsche Taycan

First image:

Again, I hoped to build a surreal scene with the old and new both present. The new Porsche Taycan is positioned in a contemporary setting while the illustration of the Lohner–Porsche Electromobile (the very first hybrid vehicle, developed by Ferdinand Porsche), is viewed from the perspective of a seated passenger in a vintage train.

Second image:

The key focal element of the illustration is the electric motor and two speed gearbox, as the Taycan is Porsche’s first production ready all-electric sports car, truly marking a new beginning. The work can be seen as an abstract bird’s eye view of a dreamlike luxury estate, with an entrance and gate leading to the central household, which in this case is the innovative Taycan motor.