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Client: RIUH
Project type: Visual Identity

Designed the visuals andcollaterals for RIUH’s event themed ‘RIUH EK! Colours of Malaysia’. RIUH is a creative platform that curates a variety of pop-up stores & food, creative workshops, showcases and live performances.

There’s so much to be inspired by the theme ‘Colours of Malaysia,’ perfectly suited for a country filled with rich vibrancy everywhere you look. The artwork I created focuses on the application of different patterns, specifically to represent the 3 distinct ethnicities found in Malaysia. For the main poster, I’ve used forms derived from a saree, kain songket and peranakan tableware. Also included is a tongue in cheek simplification of vectors that best represent the various imagery found in Malaysia, especially in the state of Johor where the event was held; for example the Kuda Kepang, gambus and Wau. I hoped to answer the brief with a clear juxtaposition between elegance and humour, in this patterned celebration of Malaysia.