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Client: Meet The Kawan
Project type: Exhibition

‘Real Estate, Real Problems’ is my take on the overly priced and generally poor-quality properties available to renters in today’s global cities. When greed is central to any urban creation, it will usually be at the expense of quality, beauty, sensitivity to local culture and built environment, as well as really any sense of good taste. The imagery I’ve applied is my somewhat conceptual take on truly horrible properties that have actually been marketed online; ugly, impractical and unsafe, defined by an obscure use of space and still managing to consistently remain overpriced. This coupled with an unsympathetic use of colour, sets the tone of these audacious property listings that much of my generation residing in large cities on a budget have come across. Without any pushback we won’t be able to buck the trend of greed in our urban environments and bring about both aesthetically tasteful cities and dignified housing across the wealth divide.

Real Estate, Real Problems is part of Bad Taste: An Illustration Exhibition organised and curated by the amazing and talented members of Meet The Kawan.