Client: Sands Charity
Project type: T-Shirt Design

I wanted to link my design with both the Sands mission as well as the theme of togetherness. Dealing with the bereavement of a child is an undeniably immense loss that requires a network of support and guidance from others. Moreover, the mammoth task of the scientific community in reducing child mortality demands togetherness in the form cooperation, education and fundraising. My t-shirt attempts to show this network of unity or togetherness which is significant in this case. For the key imagery I chose parrots, because like many of our feathered friends they prepare their nests to provide a safe and warm place where they can lay and incubate their eggs as well as protect new hatchlings. Importantly, they work together as a unit in fostering their young, often bearing the brunt of nature, but doing so together. This is known as biparental care and is typical amongst the vast majority of bird species. I’ve linked this undeniably strong bond found in the natural world with Sands work and mission. The idea of togetherness I think is as equally relevant in the case of single parents as it is for the family suffering loss. Similarly, they require the comfort of a shared experience with others and can find it through local support groups, among the array of other bereavement care options as well as an opportunity to actively raise awareness, all so importantly facilitated by Sands. I think the effort being made to continue to provide support networks during the pandemic is incredible, and the idea of togetherness, even when physically separate very much still pertinent!